05/03/2012 - Tickets for Portugal and France Booked!
Got my tickets today for my "Euro Trip". i will be leaving for Lisbon, Portugal on the 15th of May and meeting up with my BURN Industries.. more

02/02/2012 - Heading to Argentina Gesell Freeride 2012
LM - Type of ski you are going to be on? ZB - A prototype Super Jet built by Maxi at Jetmotion. LM - Thoughts going into this event on the.. more

11/21/2011 - Report From The Freeride World Championship 2011
Zack Bright On The IFWA Freeride World Championship, on his rookie year. Name of the event you attended? JET WAVES WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – IFWA.. more

10/23/2011 - Jet Waves World Championship – IFWA Freeride World Championship 2011
Liquid Militia Rider Zack Bright is heading to the final event of the IFWA Freeride World Championships in Brazil. Zack has been ramping up his.. more

08/13/2011 - Top Honors at the 2011 Grayland Open
ZACK ATTACK Liquid Militia Team Rider Zack Bright packed up his war “Bright’s” black and yellow machine. Zack’s father.. more

05/27/2011 - Heading off to France
For Immediate Release, May 27th 2011 “So it’s on. I’m going to France to give the World tour a go at Jet Jump Extreme 2011&rsquo.. more