Heading to Argentina Gesell Freeride 2012

Heading to Argentina Gesell Freeride 2012

- Type of ski you are going to be on?
ZB - A prototype Super Jet built by Maxi at Jetmotion.

LM - Thoughts going into this event on the performance and caliber of the event participants?
ZB - It should be a great event! My friend Mariano Riva will be there and he is a good rider. I think the event is going to be really great.

LM - What do you know about the potential waters there, good size?
ZB - It looks be ok size for what we do.. The ski I will be riding is really short so I’ll be able to make things happen.

LM - Do you anticipate crowds to show, what will they be looking for?
ZB - Yes, I’m pretty sure there will be BMX and Freestyle motocross at the event as well, so there will be a lot of people attending and supporting a great venue.

LM - What do you expect of yourself at this event?
ZB - Well, #1 is making sure my ankle is going to be ok. Other than that, I’ll just throw it down like I usually do!

LM - Have you been here before, if so, note a memorable moment:
ZB - It’s my first time to Argentina so every part will be memorable!

I want to thank all my sponsors for their support; Cold-Fusion, Blowsion,Light-Weight.de, Liquid Militia Clothing, Hydro-Turf, Kal-Gard Oil, Powder and Sun Ride shop, Go-Pro, and Premier Lath & Plaster. also thank you to Daniel Paddu, Pablo Wolf, and Daniel Pertovt for inviting me over for this and making it a reality!