Report From The Freeride World Championship 2011

Report From The Freeride World Championship 2011

Zack Bright On The IFWA Freeride World Championship, on his rookie year.

Name of the event you attended?

Date of this event?
it was October 21st through the 23rd, 2011

Location of comp?
Picarras, Santa Catarina, Brazil


Your overall placing at this event?
I placed 5th.

Your overall placing for the IFWA world tour?

3rd Place.

How do you feel you did at this final round?
Im not totally happy with 5th. The worst thing in any contest is to get knocked out of it. knowing you didn’t get to ride to your full potential. I had really high hopes and it just didn’t work out.

How did you like riding the ski you had to ride? Since it was not your own personal ski?
The ski was actually a decent ski, it was an old Lenzi hull that was shortened and had lowered gunwales. I’m pretty good at adapting to different skis but Jake Montandon and I couldn’t dial in the steering quite right on it so that made things hard. in my critical heat against Tiago the ski died after a roll and i couldn’t get it started for like 35 seconds. i waved recue in and they were about to tow me in, i decided id try to start it again and the ski fired right up. they untied me and i went at it again, did a flip, the ski died again…. wouldn’t start for another 25 seconds, i was punching the ski and the bars in frustration because i knew it was over. my mind was messed up at that point. i lost the heat and then lost my LCQ round…. it was hard for me. the ski never had that problem again…

What or would you have done anything differently if you could go back for this last round in Brazil?

I don’t know. the things that happened were out of my hands. i guess rode my LCQ round like i rode the big air event after i found out i was out of the contest. i had no more stress at that point and Lenzi stomped a double barrel roll so i knew i couldn’t win the big air. i only had 2 mins and did all but 2 tricks i know how to do and even almost landed a barrel roll re-entry…I need to not stress out so much and just ride like i always do.

How does it feel to have actually made the trek to three different countries and competed for the 1st time in your career?
Its a cool feeling. it was my rookie year and i had a plan to go for it. my goal was to get top 3. i succeeded and im happy about that. it had its ups and downs but i wouldn’t trade it for the world. i went to 3 different countries this year that i have never been to all because i ride a jet ski…. when you sit back and think, thats pretty frekin cool.

Do you have any plans to do the tour next year?
For sure. this is who i am. Possible 5 stop tour next year. Bring it.

Do you feel like you are a top competitor in the world of Professional Freeriding?
I do. Ive really pushed to get to this point and im no where near done.

You seem to have stepped it up real quick this year, how did that happen so fast?
My career in this sport has had more downs than ups for me since i started. I take anger and frustration and turn it into motivation to be a better rider. what we do in this sport is gnarly and to step up fast… you kinda need to not care what happens to you… its kinda reckless but that my style. either im going to make that trick, or im going to eat shit hard. I want this. ill do whatever it takes to get it.

3rd place overall for the IFWA overall how does the sound of that make you feel?
It feels awesome. definitely has a ring to it hahaha. im stoked. I hope my sponsors who have been there since the beginning are too.

Anything you would like to add about this event that might be interesting?
This event had a double elimination. there were two LCQs. you could lose both heats but still win your LCQs and advance as a wildcard. i think that really should be introduced to every stop. we spend a lot of time and money to go to these places and its nice that it doesn’t have to be over right off the bat.