Jet Waves World Championship – IFWA Freeride World Championship 2011

Jet Waves World Championship – IFWA Freeride World Championship 2011

Liquid Militia Rider Zack Bright is heading to the final event of the IFWA Freeride World Championships in Brazil. Zack has been ramping up his tricks this past season in preparation to bring home a world championship title. Liquid Militia caught up with Zack just before he took off for Brazil, here are a few Q&A’s we hit him up about.

LM: This will be your 3rd comp toward the IFWA how might that play out bringing home an overall title for 2011?

ZB: Yep, 3rd and Final competition. Currently I am sitting in 3rd position behind Ross Champion in 1st place and Pierre Maixent in 2nd. But Ross is not coming this year and it’s still unsure if Pierre will be there… no one knows? If he is there than it will be tough to win the tour, because he’s solid on the airs, but if he is not then I have a very good chance of walking away with a World Title. Just have to get through Alexander Lenzi… which will not be easy at all either. I’m just going to try my hardest and throw it down and have a great time doing it.

LM: What were your results at the other two International competitions earlier this year?

ZB: The first stop was France where I got 3rd place.. The second was Pacific city, Oregon where I blew it and got 5th, all part of the International Tour. This round I really hope to win. I’m hungry for a 1st place so I’m going to go all in.

LM: What ski are you riding at the World Championships?

ZB: That is slightly up in the air at this point. I was supposed to ride a Jetmotion prepared boat but sadly they are not going to make it this year. I’ll probably ride a boat from Tchello Brando. It’s difficult because getting a solid boat in Brazil is huge and can make or break your performance. Kinda stressful, but this is what a lot of competitors struggle with, ‘man and machine’.

LM: Do you have any plans for busting out any new tricks at this comp?

ZB: Ummmm we will see. I have a pretty big bag o’ tricks at this point but there are a few things Ive been thinking about. Let’s see what my ride gives up.

LM: Exposed?

ZB: Well, first off participating in this event generates exposure for the sport and my sponsors. Secondly, I really hope to gain additional support from current or future sponsors to help offset the ‘pay out of pocket’ effect and I’ve paid some heavy dues. To sustain a level off commitment requires additional funds and that generates product exposure in return for my endorsements.

LM: Final Words?

ZB: Thanks to all my freeride friends for their support and help this past season. It’s been a really good year and It’s cool getting some high fives from fellow riders and the guys I have looked up to. I want to thank my family and my Girlfirend Kristen. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be on the tour rounds. To all my sponsors for hooking me up:, Cold-Fusion, Blowsion, Hydro-Turf, Liquid Militia, Kal-Gard Oil, Premier Lath & Plaster, and Go-Pro. I’ve had a good Rookie year on the tour gaining experience and exposure and I’m looking down the line years ahead. I want to step up the pace and draw attention to the best sport in the watercraft community, we have it all!