Top Honors at the 2011 Grayland Open

Top Honors at the 2011 Grayland Open


Liquid Militia Team Rider Zack Bright packed up his war “Bright’s” black and yellow machine. Zack’s father, Jack Bright and up and comer free rider lil’ brother Jake Bright made it a family caravan. Heading up from Southern California to Grayland Open for the hours long and thousand plus mile trip, heading into the competition fringe. It pays to stick together, the edge is a place of reckoning and Zack pressurized blasts stop hits off of steep walls.

“I hurt my ankle during a flat landing on the Madonna Flip during the Big Air Event. My foot stayed in the foothold and my right knee bent left and almost touched the Hydro-Turf while my hip remained straight soooo…. pop goes the weasel! I thought it was ok until i tried to put weight on it and then I knew it was bad. It really sucked because I wanted to put on a show for everyone but sometimes things don’t go the way you want them. But hey, at least it is not broken and I snagged the win.”

“I just want to say how proud I am of Christian Young. And my Brother Jake Bright. The amount of skills these 2 have put together in such a short amount of time is amazing. What’s really cool is how these 2 have become good friends and are always pushing each other to the next level. I’m also stoked on Tanner Thomas from good ole Alaska. This kid hasn’t rode surf since Surf Slam. He comes to Grayland and walks away with 3 trophies! The kid has skills and I can’t wait to see what he, Christian, and Jake bring to the table come the 2011 Surf Slam."