Heading off to France

Heading off to France

For Immediate Release, May 27th 2011

“So it’s on. I’m going to France to give the World tour a go at Jet Jump Extreme 2011’. Zack Bright is the first Liquid Militia Team Rider on the Tour WOOT WOOOOT! Zack is a highly accomplished Big Air rider, taking top honors in the 2010 Blowsion Big Air Contest. Something Zack does instinctively is pushing the roof on his stylized Rickter Freeride stand-up.

Zack will be competing in France on a “Revolution” model LightWeight.de hull, Using a ski that’s not his own once again like he did at the 2011 Peruvian International Freeride Championship. Zack competed on a fully stock Super jet at the Peruvian event and stomped a solid 2nd place. No matter what type of ski Zack is on he’s a first class competitor and earns top ranking. One skill that most can’t touch with this type of versatility, a keen nature for winning drives Zack.

“I leave the 29th this month and I won’t be back until the 7th of June. It’s like a 2 in 1 contest. It’s the Jet Jump Extreme for the French tour and then the IFWA 1st stop”, states Zack.

“If you qualified top 10 in IFWA last year you don’t have to ride the JJE and just ride the IFWA but since I didn’t place in the top 10 there, the JJE is like qualifying for the IFWA…. its kinda confusing but basically I will be in 2 contests if all goes well. Anyone can win the JJE and someone else can win the 1st round. Hell yea lets blow this sh*t up baby! Looking forward to doing big things over there, big air and fun times, supporting Freeride!”, says Bright.