Tickets for Portugal and France Booked!

Tickets for Portugal and France Booked!

Got my tickets today for my "Euro Trip". i will be leaving for Lisbon, Portugal on the 15th of May and meeting up with my BURN Industries team mate Jake Montandon from South Africa. unfortunetly Norbert from Light-Weight will not be attending Portugal because he will be prepping for the 24 race in Germany. But, he will be in France so i will have a complete ski there identical to mine which will be very nice. at this point it looks like i will be riding an Overall hull which is an AM hull out of France. Jake will also be riding an Overall hull. the skis look very nice and the owner of Overall says he will give the winner of the Big Air event an aditional 500 bucks if the winner rides an Overall...... which is NICE!

Jake and i are taking the first half of the trip together. meeting in Lisbon the same day and will be looking for a place to stay and checking out the event site and waiting for our friends from around the planet to arrive and our skis to arrive so we can get practicing.

after the event we are renting a car and road tripping from Portugal to France. its about a 17 hour drive which im sure will be a trip of shenanigans full of the notorious "e-brake game" the whole way (side note: buy full coverage for the car).

we will arive in Montalivet and will get to practicing to be ready for the French event. i had good luck last year and podiumed at the event so i hope to make that happen again.

after the event my Lady and I will be taking a car to Paris and enjoying a week and a few days in Paris. ooo laa laa!

i can not wait to see all my friends again. i love the IFWA tour and everything that surrounds it.