Thanks to all of my sponsors that have helped support me. I would not be able to freeride professionally without the products and services provided to me from my sponsors.


DASA Racing

Wonder how i get so high? check out the best engines out there. Dasa has engines from 701cc all the way to 1200cc. Amazing power!


The traction that keeps me on my ski, Hydro-Turf is an industry standard for padding and traction for all jetski applications.

Jet Lift      

The most forward thinking Beach Tote on the market. the only 5 in 1 lift for jetskis using patent pending design. Definitly take a look.
Sponsor Blowsion Blowsion
Supplier of freeride, freestyle, racing parts, custom painting, and services for personal watercraft.
Sponsor Burn Industries Burn Industries
We, at burn constantly strive for perfection in both design and function. Our products are designed with you in mind.
Sponsor Light Weight Krash-Industries
Straight out of Australia, Krash-Industries is a Hull production company built and owned by my friend Nick Barton. literally the best hulls i have ridden.
Sponsor Cold-Fusion Cold-Fusion
Watercraft supplier of performance parts and accessories.
Sponsor Liquid Militia Liquid Militia Clothing
Liquid Militia, is a legit and well-established apparel brand. We are here to support the action sports underground, just as we have been doing since the beginning.
Sponsor FullGaz FullGaz
Fullgaz is a lifestyle related to all aspects of near and far to extreme sports. Because leisure now represent only the loopholes We work daily to promote and communicate this spirit through our identity.
Sponsor Premier Lath and Plaster Premier Lath & Plaster
Premier Lath & Plaster has been a part of the construction industry in and around the Antelope Valley since 1985. They are a lath & plastering contractor and specialize in residential and commercial construction.
Sponsor Powder and Sun Powder and Sun
Powder and Sun brings together a team of dedicated people who love riding and believe it is their job to help you enjoy this great sport even more!
Sponsor Kal-Gard Lubricants Kal-Gard Lubricants
The KAL-GARD story is pretty much split between two age groups: riders 40 years and older and riders under 40. If you're in the younger group, it's probably a new name to you.
Sponsor AV Web Designs AV Web Designs
AV Web Designs is a professional interactive service and development firm. They specialize in user interface design, information architecture and technological integration.